Monday, April 21, 2014

Monday's Blessing!

This morning I had a wonderful visit from a young woman I have known for a long time.  She came today bearing all her cleaning equipment.........and then proceeded to clean my whole house;  from top to bottom.... everywhere.  

I am overwhelmed with her labor of love!

I have done the chores that help Bill and I get by, so has he-I love to clean but not being able to run the big vacuum or bend and scrub sure does mean that the house is getting ahead of me!
I even fell asleep for a while and she kept working away........all day!
(She did let me give her a break for lunch and to share a small candy bar!)

Every little while, I would get to work with her on some chore-it was so encouraging to see the house get deep cleaned and have the pleasure of doing it with another woman!

Throughout the day I would cut a fat quarter into apple core pieces with the the end of the day, I had these cut and laid out but I will have to work on rearranging them tomorrow morning as I couldn't bend by the end of the day!  This scattered way gives the lay-out size and now I can organize which one goes where to look its best!  Remember, step by step the project gets done!


(PS-she gifted me my own Swiffer duster which has an extended handle-I will be able to reach so much without a step stool!--yippee!)


  1. What a lovely gift!
    I've just discovered the wonder of a Swifter myself. Those dusting sheets are perfect for clearing away all this indoor pollen the animals drag in. Your friend is an angel!

  2. How wonderful! I am so thankful for her tangible expression of love!

  3. I love how God sends us people when we need them most :)

  4. And she brings hugs from those far away. :)

  5. What a wonderful gift! Oh, and your quilt top looks very pretty!

  6. No need to thank me; you are very welcome. Anytime you need me I will come. Thanks for the great day!

  7. God bless you, Jessica, and thank you from a friend who can't do anything practical!

    Step by step is the best way, I agree. That's how I can cope with working on more than one project at a time -- if I have the right coloured thread in the machine and the pieces are ready to go, it all comes together so much better!


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