Monday, April 7, 2014

Quilts and Blooms

 I pieced the tumbling blocks this morning!   I usually chain piece but found I just couldn't keep the blocks in the right order so I just kept adding one to the row and it made it much simpler!
 I trimmed off the angles on the edges so now I can border it!
 All ready for stage two.   I enjoyed piecing this so much......
 I pulled some fat quarters....
 and decided on this group for a....
 new table runner!  Love that Accuquilt machine-sure does give my wrists the break they need!
Outside, the Amaryllis are in bloom!  I took all these on the meander to the mailbox!
 Isn't it lovely to see these big blooms?  The one on the right bottom is waning but the others are just starting.
 The African Irises are all doing their thing, too.
 This is the last Camellia bush in bloom!  This is her first year to do that and we are proud of her!
 The Fringe Tree is in full bloom!  Heavenly scented!
 It is spectacular!

 These are the last of the Azaleas in bloom.
 Most of the bushes look like this now.
 Likewise, this is the last Calliandra bloom-some people call it the powder puff bush for some reason! lol
 I am working my way up the leg of the indigo sock.  I am not as fast most days as I was...
But if I was a cat, holding still is perfectly reasonable!  Its all in your attitude!
(This is the guy who found us last year this month and was a measly 7lbs and now he weighs 18!)


  1. I love your tumbler quilt! It's just to happy. And as for those blooms...they leave me speechless. It's still winter here. We have a fire going! In Maryland. In April!

  2. All of your spring blooms are on their way out, and you will get to my house just in time to see them all again (my azaleas & amaryllis buds are plumping up now)!

    The wallhanging is pretty and I love the colors for the new table runner. Purple just makes me happy!

    Did you notice that your sock color looks like it came from Mr. Snaggletooth himself? Funny how the two pictures coordinate.

  3. the tumbler quilt is nice - but of course the one in purple will be even lovelier:) I am amazed that amaryllis grow outside for you - here you can buy the bulbs, usually for christmas, and they grow in a pot inside! and there's nothing wrong with resting and going slower - at least the yarn/fabric lasts a bit longer that way:) take the cats' example and slow down - your output will still be more than that of most people....

  4. hooray for regular loving and feeding to grow that gorgeous cat boy.
    LOVE your flowers. So cheerful and we need it

  5. Now that it is warming up here, I am hoping that we will start getting some flowers. With Easter just a week and a half away, I am hoping that we will, at least, get some daffodils.

    Fabric therapy! I may have to indulge in that soon. :)

  6. I totally get the whole not as fast thing :-\ Looking at this post and the one before it got me thinking that I am going to have to relearn all about N FL plants and shrubs. I do love azaleas. Want to plant amaryllis too :-) We are now waiting for the appraisal to go through...


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