Sunday, April 6, 2014

Soap and Snuggles!

This was my trip knitting for today!  The sock yarn we put in the Indigo pot!  It will look great with a pair of jeans! 
My sons were awarded a free golf certificate for a golf tournament they won;  they included their Dad to go to the posh course in Amelia Island.  The girls had a fun day to ourselves, too. 
First, we made soap so it would have time to set before we left for home!
 I got to try on the rompers on the kids!  They liked getting clothes and modeling for me!  Very cute!
 After lunch we went to the beach!
 It took all three of us to trot after them-usually in different directions, of course!
 It took a lot to keep Will from poking at this guy.  Dead but still has a wicked 3" stinger!
 The men came home and found us beachside!  Dads were greeted by welcoming squeals!
 Ella has fallen in love with the water and wanted in even though it was still very cold at 70F!
 Pelicans enjoyed a float!
 We even enjoyed a rainbow after dinner!
 Their bottle brush tree is in bloom!
Isn't it amazing?!
 We hit a bit of rain on the way home-this is the bridge on the 295 beltway.
And this always reminds me of the low roadway on the way to Key West!

We had an incredible day!  Thank you family!


  1. awww that is PERFECT blue jeans socks yarn! perfect.
    Love the beach images. Love seeing you enjoy your family so

  2. no wonder that the kids get excited - so much sand and water, perfect for playing:) the stingray even looks smelly in the photo:) looks like the perfect day for all of you!

  3. So many beautiful pictures.

    The kids look absolutely adorable in their rompers!

  4. Love the soft blue you got on your sock yarn. That will go great with summer jeans.

    I envy you the day chasing the short-legged ones all over the sand.

  5. Which beach did you all go to? Daytona or Jax?


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