Thursday, April 3, 2014


We took Mom and Dad to the airport to head back to NY on Wednesday.  Mixed feelings as always because they are happy to go back home and see their other family members but we do hate saying goodbye!
 Mom finished her turban from the 'scarf' we knit!  Isn't it a clever idea?!
 It fits the head very nicely and is very soft in Lion Brand Wool Ease.
 Mom cast on another one right away because it is a good knit.   She was going to work on hers on the airplane and it is good she took it along because she had another unexpected delay for 3 hours on the way!
I knit this on the way to the airport and then had to quit because I had it long enough and forgot my darning needle to do the special Italian cast off!
 Today, I dyed some white fabric in the Indigo pot.  This pot just will not exhaust!  I have sure gotten my mileage out of this batch!
 The fabric turned out just the way I hoped-all scrunchy-it is marked for a quilt!
 I also made a skirt from some of my vintage fabric.  It is always nice to be able to pick out fabric from the stash.


  1. Goodness. You sure have been busy! All that just after having guests to entertain. I would have been on the couch for a week!

  2. Solo is sad...sorry you had to face the goodbye part of the visit. :(

    The indigo-dying makes me more and more anxious to do it -- will there be any left to bring to my house, maybe?! :-D

    Is that skirt for you? There appears to be some p-i-n-k in it...!

  3. It's sad when family members leave, especially mom and dad. Hope they'll be back soon. Could you possibly post the instructions for the turban? It looks amazing; I was thinking something different even for a chemo cap. I don't know about fabric, but when dyeing fiber (wool), if the dye isn't exhausting, add more white vinegar to the water...about 1/4cup at a time. However, I heard that if you use, say, RIT dyes, they will not exhaust. Hope this helps you. Love the color!

  4. I love that wrap! I want to make one for my head


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