Thursday, May 17, 2012


 I finished up the quilt on the frame!  That meant that I could take the frame apart and move it to the new room!
 I sorted and moved and piled so that I can fit the frame in its spot!  I am looking forward to some decent storage for this corner!
 Voila!  So nice to have room on either end of the frame-it just fit in the sewing room!  Eventually, I will install some shelves over the frame for related equipment-thread, etc.  I will most likely build these.
 I also got the wool corner moved to its new corner!  Everything is shaping up nicely!
 Now that the room is set up, I did a craft project in my new area!  I saw this on a on a recent Craftzine post.  I cut up a map into 1" strips, wove them together and then added my own step of ironing fusible to the back so that I could press it to a notebook for a cover!  This one is a map of the town where my brother bought his house, so when I see him in a few weeks, I will give him this!
 I just trimmed it to fit the notebook on the edges but rolled it to the inside of each cover for extra security.   A very fun project!
 I arranged the windmill blocks so that I can sew them into a top.  I had fun trying different designs-I wanted to do random but it just isn't in me!  This is a variation on the 'around the world' layout.
 This afternoon we needed to do some errands so while in Daytona, we visited the ocean.  We had a nice walk at high tide!
 On the way home, we enjoyed a great thunder and lightening storm and then a bit of sunshine brought this!
I took this from the pizza shop where we stopped for dinner.
 When we came out after eating, the sky had changed to this!  It literally glowed a rosy light!
My car knitting!   A little baby sweater in cotton!  What a full day!


  1. I love the windmill quilt! :) And your knitting skills/speed are simply amazing! :)

  2. A very full day indeed!

    It's sad that your new room doesn't include a design wall and you have to use the floor! LOL

    Seriously, that room is huge! there is no room in our house where I could even think about putting my quilting frame - except maybe the living room and wouldn't that look awful? (not to mention how accessible it would be to little fingers!)

  3. MOTHER! I had marked that Craftzine project as one to do for you 'just because' -- that's one problem with reading the same blogs that your mother does! :) Oh well...hopefully the thought counts...!

    Your new sewing area looks so wonderful, even in its early stages. The frame looks amazing with all of that light and space!

  4. I'm glad you are enjoying your retirement!!! Sharon

  5. that precariously full shelf could stand in my room! you'll be even more productive when everything is sorted in that new room.
    and thanks for giving me that lovely map idea - I was looking for a surprise for DH - I just have to dig out a map to cover a log book for him.....

  6. Love all the pictures. The quilts are just beautiful! One of the wonderful things about Florida is the incredible sky scape here. We don't have mountains, but our sky is always changing.

  7. Do you have a pattern for the baby sweater? I love having sweaters for my babies just in case the weather turns cool.

  8. Rachel, here is the link for the pattern.....

  9. One of my favorite things is walking on the beach. I can walk for hours and hours.


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