Saturday, May 12, 2012

A Little Woodworking and Quilting

I am in the process of cleaning out my sewing room so that we can will have drywall and wood flooring soon!   (You do realize that soon is a relative word......)

  But in the process, I came across this old deer hide of Bill's.  It has been folded up in a box for a very long time!
I thought it would match the deer head he has mounted and on the wall in the breezeway if it was in a frame........
I also have some tanned skins from his previous hunts, so I made some lacing from one of them.  I read about using a circle a long time ago and it works wonderfully.  I got 8 yards from each circle of leather.  The tack gives me a pivot point and I just keep pulling and cutting.
 Works very efficiently.
I knew just what I wanted it to look like and many hours later, we have it!
As long as I was on the wood tools, I decided to put together a triangle loom.  I have wanted to own one but the price is prohibitive ($250 and up) but the construction is simple.  I laid it out, drew my lines and angles and began the work on the table saw.  It wasn't fun but I was making progress until the saw smelled funny, sounded funny and then quit!  I went and asked Bill for help and he said it has been giving warnings for a while now.   Of course, it died right on the last join!   But he was able to use his skill saw and finish the last board so I could screw the whole thing together at least!  Thank you , dear!  I will save the hundreds of little finishing nails for another will be seeing the loom again in the near future.
I gave up on the wood projects and did some quilting......half way on the last quilt for Millie's daughter.
It restored my good mood being in the sewing room!
Bill has been harvesting from his winter garden-carrots and
vidalia onions........nothing like fresh food!  (We had some of the fresh potatoes the other day-I will try to get a picture next time!)


  1. The deer hide looks great -- nice to have it being loved again! :)

    Happy for you on the triangle loom -- that has indeed been in your queue for a while now.

    Those onions are beautiful! Wish I could snitch one!

  2. Nice job on all of your projects. I think it is funny that your deer head is wearing necklaces!

  3. looking forward to projects from that loom - though it's annoying that the saw gave out! I hope you can repair it.... the circle for cutting straps is great - I thought at first that I could use it for fabric, until I remembered that it probably wouldn't work there because of the grain! but you did a great job with lacing the hide!
    and I am sure the way you two work - your room will be finished quite soon:)

  4. That stretched deer hide looks awesome! I would never have thought of doing it that way, but now I can't think of doing anyway else.

    Oooo! You are getting a new sewing room! Cool!

  5. You are a lady of considerable talents!

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