Saturday, May 26, 2012

Impaired Puttering

 I finished knitting the Spring Shawl-it blocked out to 54" wide and 27" deep.  The Shetland has block out to be just a whisper of yarn-very sheer feeling!  This is proof to my family that I have been taking a lot of down time!
 I tried to get Nyki to model it for me and she wasn't cooperative! (as usual)
 I spent a bit of time moving all the supplies from the corner of the sewing room so that we could finish the flooring under the washer and dryer.
 I could only be on my feet for short bouts so I sat and did some piecing in the down time.  My sewing machine works by button only, if desired, and so I could keep my foot up as I pieced-awkward but better than being grounded on the couch the whole day!
 Bill worked in the garden and the yard-here is his potato crop.
 Then in the afternoon, he came in and tackled the corner!
 We got the flooring in, hooked the washer and dryer back up and then set up the shelves!
 I got most of the supplies into a cubby and will do some more sorting when I can stand longer!  (I think I will be buying another row of cubbies to go up the outside row of shelves.)
It looks very inviting in here now!  It was a long day but worth a little swelling!


  1. Wow! What a great sewing space!

    Take it easy, young lady - don't overdo it!

  2. I will not even bother scolding you because it doesn't do much good!!! Sigh.

    But anyway, your new sewing room looks wonderful! Kudos to Dad for getting the floor done already!

    The shawl is very pretty. (But mind you, I know how fast you knit, so you haven't fooled me into thinking that you sat still long enough...!) :)

  3. It looks like you are getting more than tired of your injured foot! I love the shelves! Now you won't risk running to the store for things you already have. :-)

  4. the shawl looks gorgeous, but maybe the cat is like me and doesn't like it too warm?:) doesn't look like you did much resting though - or did you fill those shelves sitting in the wheelchair? *wink*
    anyway, I am sure you'll make good use of your nice new space....

  5. Love the shawl! It's beautiful!!!

    The quilt squares are really cool too. I don't think I've seen that pattern anywhere else, and I really like it!

    The shelves do look great! I hope your foot soon feels great!


  6. Don't you just love to sit and look at a clean, well organized craft room?


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