Sunday, March 9, 2014

Toe-Up Socks

 I love to knit the toe up socks using Judy's magic loop cast on (no Kitchener!) with a short row heel.   I can make a a sock in a couple of days of evening knitting.
 One of the complaints I hear is the bind off is too tight so that the sock isn't easy to pull on and off.  The way to make a perfect bind off every time is to bind off with a large needle.  I knit the socks with a US2 needle and bind off with a US8.  I use the cable needle because it is short and I am working on only two stitches at a time, right?!
 This bind off will fit over every foot, every time.
Nothing like the pleasure of a pair of plain socks!  Go cast on a pair today!


  1. "Attempt at making socks" #2 is definitely on my bucket list! Hoping that a few more years of maturity will do the trick for me and I will be in love this time! :)

  2. I have never tried toeups. I even have the yarn here for a pair. This summer. Maybe.

  3. I use Jeni's super-stretchy bind-off (from Knitty) for toe up socks. At the moment, there's little time for knitting or sewing or any other crafty activity...


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