Friday, March 21, 2014

Washington Oaks Gardens State Park

 Today was another day trip to explore the beauty right in our own area (within an hour's drive).
We visited this State Park and took a picnic lunch for our sustenance this time!  (we didn't think of it for the trip to Ravine Gardens and liked to starve to death...well, we were really hungry.)
 Named for these great trees and the George Washington descendants who lived her many years ago!
 There are so many trails through gardens-it was breathtakingly beautiful!
 The colors and contrasts were so relaxing!   It was a wonderful stroll.
 Bill and I posed for Mom and she took one of us for me, too!  As the photographer, I don't always include myself in the viewfinder!
(The pic of Dad and Mom is on Mom's camera-I will be adding it tomorrow since I forgot to take them with my own camera!)
 The park is nestled between the Intercoastal waterway, pictured here and the highway A1A.
 There were many benches to sit and enjoy the scenery-we took advantage of many of them!
 Bill enjoyed finding this and telling Mom it looked just like her!
 I enjoyed the pools of water-most are artesian well filled!
 Carp and Koi fish kept us entertained!
 Even the dead trees are beautiful!
 This is the ocean side of the park!  It is so different from our usual beach scene which is just a few miles north of here!
 The rocks are sandstone and their coloring has affected the whole beach!
 Lots of brown pelicans liked the beach here, too!
 They flew in perfect formation!
 The waves had a very rhythmic thunder today and we sat and just watched for a long time.
 Bill discovered a bronze plaque in one of the rocks out ahead of us!
 We couldn't get close enough to read it-another day!
 We finished our drive by heading south to Flagler Beach before turning west and heading home!  Of course, we had a bit of dessert before we did so!
Mom and I are knitting this-it is going to be a fun project-wait until you see how it turns out!


  1. What a lovely place for a picnic. I could use a nice stroll on the beach in the sunshine.
    I can't wait to see what you're making!

  2. Sounds like another fun day out!

  3. I know I shouldn't be jealous but I am. You live in such a beautiful place with so such great weather. Love the photo of you and your husband.

  4. Looks beautiful...can't wait to visit there with you!

    The kids got their postcards yesterday (which was exciting enough in itself) and were ecstatic to read that you are going to take us there. :)

  5. You got a good picture of a really nice left handed swell! Cool! Another beautiful place to explore


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