Sunday, April 13, 2014

Another Trip

We took a 2 1/2 hr dr up to Live Oak for pictures today......bad choice after the busy week.   
The silver lining on the day was this-Ella got in and out of this little car a million times waving and saying bye and then running to give hugs and kisses goodbye......precious!
 I did finish knitting on the blue jean socks-done!
 At home, I remembered to get a photo of the roses in bloom!
 They almost glow in the dark like this pic looks! lol
 I did a bit of spinning with the new attachment-yes, no fatigue and a wonderful relaxing moment!
167 yards of fingering weight Dor Galen yarn-probably a pair of mitts.......


  1. Roses! Oh, my...I am so jealous. We've got definite frost damage to many of our plants so the blooms are a bit subdued this year.
    I can't believe your socks are done already-AND you had the time to spin!

  2. such pretty roses in bloom!!!
    Your socks are simple and beautiful

  3. That Dor Galen dyed up pretty. How did it spin for you?

    Love the jeans socks. Perfect color!


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