Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Helping Hands X 5

My Georgia peaches arrived to help with the week we watch Will.   Not being able to lift almost side railed our plans but Marsel saved the day!
Will is either on the tractor,
with all the kids and Grandpa, 
 or in the pool...
Or on his tractor that the cousins brought him!  We removed the battery as he is too young to drive but he is thrilled to sit on it and enjoy his own tractor for now!
 or playing around the pool area.
He is snuggly first thing in the morning....
As far as crafts, we do get a bit of time during his naps-here we cut out some bitty bundle fat eighths from Keepsake Quilting.  We will be taking this back to Georgia to sew but got it cut out here.
 I made a swatch to check out this yarn for a new sweater since the other one is ripped out and in the naughty bucket.
One sock done and working well into the second one.
David was given some ceramics and he is doing a bang up job painting them.   I will share the finished project! 
Our days are full!   Will sleeps great so we all rest up for another busy day.  (I will admit-this is the way to raise a toddler-having 5 people to watch and entertain him is just the right number!)


  1. the last pic is so cute - a hard day's work means sleeping soundly:) what an exciting week for Will, having people to play with him all day! enjoy your visitors!

  2. What cute children! I love the picture you Will and his John Deere. No matter what the age males love their tractors. Looks like everyone is having so much fun.

  3. Gotta love a wee boy who loves tractors!

  4. Rock on, David! Good on you.

    Love the tractor photos.

  5. I agree -- it's much easier when there are more people to do the "looking after"! A couple of hours with our grandsons on my own would just about do me in as they both head off in different directions!


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