Thursday, May 1, 2014

Sharing a Day Trip

 We loaded up and took a drive to Washington Oaks State Park today.   Will slept the whole ride there so he was raring to go when we got out of the truck!  Most of my pictures on the playground are just a blur-he is that fast!
 He was in this swing for half an hour-singing and looking and enjoying!  David kept him company for most of the time!
 When we were done with lunch we took a hike to the fishing grounds.
 He did pause in his running long enough to watch.  (The water drops off quickly here in the Intercoastal Waterway so we kept a short leash on Will!)
 Abigail found a hermit crab!
 This has captured the essence of my husband.  We often say David was cloned from Bill....... can see what we mean.
Well, yes, you can see it here, too!
 Here David is getting some instruction for watching the tip of the pole to check for a bite. (They had nibbles but no fish during their 2 hours.)
 We left them to continue our walk-Will, walk!!!!
 First stop was the rose garden!  It is a very large circle with paths.  We had visual and olfactory delights on every curve!
 This was my favorite!
 Will walked the paths and the curbs....
 He couldn't escape since it is completely wall in.....the sign says to keep out deer but we appreciated the extra help in corralling this guy!
 He did give a worried call when he couldn't see us!  Loved it!
 He also liked smelling every one!
 Yay, freedom!
 This pic is for my Mom-see how the caladium has grown and the hair has grown! lol
 The koi fish gave some passing interest.
 I loved the whole relaxation of the cool walk under all the foliage-we were almost the only ones there so it was quiet and restorative here.
 We even managed a selfie shot with my camera in the gazebo!
 Butterflies were cavorting-inviting us to follow right down the garden paths.....
 This is for anyone still feeling the need for a greenery fix!
 Yes, the ride home was a good nap time, too.
And waking up to pizza when we were home was just right!


  1. he is such a cutie, how can you resist him?:) I love the "dip-dyed" rose, was it scented as well? looks like you had a great outing - even though you had to finish it with pizza instead of self-caught fish....

  2. I want to be that little boy!!
    Your self i.e. was beautiful Loved all the images

  3. Your little guy is so cute. What fun you must have had with him.
    Beautiful pictures. Thanks so much for sharing even if it makes me a little jealous.

  4. Will is clearly a ball of fire! No wonder his mom is so slim. Chasing him must burn a thousand calories a day.

  5. Wow! You have a great family!!!!!

  6. I took a selfie in that same gazebo once, lol! Love Washington Oaks. Will is so cute

  7. Adorable! Will is sooo cute! Looks like a beautiful day with family.

    I'm tickled to see the Caladium pic. My Dh just bought some bulbs. We'll see how well it does here in our planter box this summer!

    Thanks too for stopping by my post!
    As always, you're a doll!

  8. That photo of David and Bill walking in synchronicity is amazing!


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