Sunday, May 11, 2014

Mother's Day

Happy Mother's Day 
sharing with the McKees!

And for your viewing pleasure, the out-takes from the photo shoot!
I set my camera for auto shoot and set it wrong , not one was ready and it didn't include me.........
  Here I set it right but took too long to get into position;  I move slowly and painfully but this is a laugh!
Marsel seated me to take over the controls, and she took this picture without herself....we persevered until we got the first one shown up above on the blog!  It is good to laugh.


  1. Too funny but worth the trouble!

  2. You all look like there was no big rush at all, except a certain young man is barefoot.

  3. we have wedding pix like that - B-I-L set auto shoot, but we haven't managed a single photo where everybody is in, looking good and no funny faces! I have to admit that we had the giggles twice, though - once when we took the pix and then, when we looked at the prints:) luckily we weren't that many people or it wouldn't have worked at all:)
    at least you had one good picture - worth the trouble to look at the memory later!

  4. Hilarious! So glad you are having a great time with your visit.

  5. A great picture with great out-takes. What's not to love?

  6. How nice that you were able to spend Mother's Day with Marsel and her family! I love the out-takes! That happens a lot here too. ;-)

  7. Last Christmas, WM tried to take a 'selfie' with fourteen people in it! I'm surprised we got one at all!

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