Friday, May 9, 2014

Here I Am!

I couldn't find my knitting mojo once we arrived in Georgia.  It probably didn't help that the trip knocked me out for a couple of days! Marsel took care of me as I recuperated in the recliner.  During this time,  I made one of these slippers and then promptly ripped it out!   A pet peeve of mine is a new-knitter pattern; one that invents the wheel all over again or in this case, misses entirely.   I wish they would take all their zeal and study the master's and then bring their flair into the Knitting World with a bit more knowledge under their belts!  Okay, end of rant.
I ripped the slipper out and will save the yarn for another project!
I got to go and watch David and Abigail play soccer at their home school league!
One project I was able to share with Marsel was packing up her old dishes to make room for
these!  She and Bruce combined their birthday money (they are both May birth babies!)  for some new modern dishes.  We are all enjoying them now!  (The previous dishes were ironstone and very heavy-these new ones are Corelle and very family friendly!)
I finally met the new kittens who are now 1 year old!  Felix liked helping me cut out a doll outfit.
He totally got into the 'measuring the rick rack to be sure you have enough' thing!
Then he stole it and shared it with his sister!  They were without remorse!
Even with their help, I was able to get the outfit finished!
Abigail asked for a gymnast outfit next....I am knitting the leg warmers first because I am out of steam by evening and have to pace myself now!
If all else fails, knit a dishcloth!  It works for me.Garterlac from memory-I am happy!


  1. I love Corelle dishware. I traded my old heavy ones for them years ago and never looked back.
    Love the dress and your kitten helper. Too cute!

  2. funny I just resorted to dishcloths after 4 great but tiring trips

  3. Is that the pattern I think it is? If you look on ravelry someone already modified to simpler and in the round. I cast on a new pair with some yarn I spun and ripped it out, I only like them in the very thin koigu. I don't want "warm" I want "clean feet on dirty floor".

  4. You're amazing... I can't believe how many projects you can finish in such a short amount of time

  5. Everything is better with a kitty. And hooray for dishcloths!

    The dress is adorable! Lucky doll!

  6. Seems like you still keep yourself very busy!


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