Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Final Days Projects

 I saw a cool tutorial to make a cat tent on Craft: Daily and I gave the kids a list and we accumulated our ingredients!  A fun project and the cats cooperated and enjoyed it, too!
 While the project is titled Cat Tent, I think it is a bit small for a cat and is a good project for kittens!  When Marsel is tired of moving it around, she can donate it to her local cat shelter!
 Abigail and I planned a kitchen project-even though that is not my favorite room, she is and so we made a dessert for dinner.
 A recent Facebook recipe, tweaked by me.   It was delicious!
 Then we wrapped up our frenzy with some t-shirt dyeing.  We bought a kit from Hobby Lobby for the dyes and then had fun picking our scrunching up designs for the shirts!
 We found this cool wasp nest in the corner of the garage, too.  You can see inside it!
 From the front, it looks strange now-like a balloon!
 The results were amazing and I have convinced them to save up and buy some more dye to do some more of this kind of project with friends!  This is Marsel's shirt.
 Abigail's shirt.
 David's shirt.
 Abigail's .
 And David's.   I will show you the finished surprise project tomorrow.
 Since I am on a colored glass hunt, we found this beer bottle of black glass!  I was cleaned and wrapped and brought home for a near-future project in the glass lab!
These two skeins are from the annual LYS trip, superwash Liberty wool from Classic Elite.

For the record, we learned that no matter how much time you are together (and this was a record one, at 26 days together counting the days watching Will at my house, too!) it is still painful to say goodbye! But it was wonderful to have Bill meet me at the airport.


  1. You always have such a grand time with your grands!

  2. aww loving each other so deeply is wonderful!!!!
    I want to make the cat tent...

  3. wow, the shirts are a riot of colour! very summery... and the cat doesn't seem to mind the small tent:) I am sure it'll find a good home somewhere....

  4. Wow those shirts came out great! The wasp nest is unbelievable... I think those wasps must have gone to Penland, lol!

  5. Thank you for a wonderful time together...you have definitely left an empty space behind you in our home...we all miss you, people and cats alike, and we are already looking forward to the next time you come to fill it! Xoxoxoxo

  6. Twenty six days -- wow! How wonderful for you.


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