Monday, May 19, 2014

Savoring the Days

Abigail has been enjoying her new doll outfits.  
 I sit in my throne (recliner) for a good chunk of the day and get to enjoy the kids at play.
David has collected quite an arsenal of air soft guns and is loading up for the day! 
He also had to decorate a t-shirt for a youth group activity;  he had to pick a basketball player with his name and number. 
He chose David Robinson......and did a bit of research on him which was cool. (He tried to catch Uncle Jared on trivia questions but failed-he is like a walking encyclopedia!)
 He even agreed to model it for me when it was dry!  
Marsel loved the curved piecing and got her table runner finished!
And added the borders-on to layering and quilting!  (Mindy approved!)
I finished another pair of toddler tube socks. 
And knitted two of the Brioche dish cloths. 
And feeling my knitting mojo was back, I tried this pattern again and can understand what was required of me this time.   The sole of the slippers are double knit for comfort so it is slow knitting but I am making progress.  For now, the MS has taken the ability to knit for hours away but I plug away at 30 minute intervals and see progress nonetheless.  And no question, I am so grateful to be able to still knit.period.
We finished the Jackie Kennedy dress for Marsel!  We started this last year-it was very detailed in its tailoring but when she put it on, wow!;   it was worth every minute's worth of difficulty!  It was REALLY made just for my daughter!  Now that the bugs are worked out of this construction and fitting, we can make lots of them for her!  (I could kick myself for not getting a pic of her yesterday while wearing it for church.......she likes her pic taken as much as I do!  lol  )
Speaking of perfection, look at this Jasmine blossom----5 little tubes of symmetry, radiating from the center like a pinwheel block!  And it smells wonderful, too.  Loverly.


  1. Love the dress! To think, I am nervous to start a pillowcase dress for Ella. I'm inspired to tackle it now (stop snickering!).

  2. I LOVE the Jackie O dress! We've got jasmine growing up one of our big oaks... smells so pretty

  3. That dress is spectacular! I've never seen Jasmine before. It is loverly.

  4. that dress is gorgeous, very summery! and everything is snoopervised with you as well, I see:)I had to track that slipper pattern immediately - very nice, esp. the asymmetrical cable on top - off to the wish list:) enjoy all your textile hobbies - even if it's a bit slower, the outcome is still good!

  5. I would love to see her in the dress - it's so summery in color.

  6. What fabric is the dress made from? I love it! Marsel should put it on and get her picture taken so we can admire her! What pattern is it?

    I am liking those slippers although, double knitting the sole is tedious. .. But think about the holes you won't get.

    Abigail looks pleased with her doll outfits. That's alot of airsoft guns!

  7. Love the dress. If it is a pattern that we can buy, please let us know the number.

  8. Never a dull moment in your family, is there?


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