Tuesday, June 21, 2016

A Sock

Slower sock knitting happening but it is producing a sock!
He's learned a neat dare-devil trick! 
And is extremely proud of himself!
When he gets too warm, we cool off with a golf cart ride and some exploring by our little pond. 
We chuck dirt balls,
and try to count the lilies in bloom.
They close up by three in the afternoon so we have to catch them before they go to sleep!
(There are no 'gators in our little mud puddle-don't worry.)
The sandbox is a good place to settle down in the evening when it is in the shade.  
Another peachy blossom in the lily pot.  I have two more stems with buds and I can't wait to see what color they will be!  (I am guessing they will be the yellow and orange)


  1. Sounds like a pretty perfect day all around.

  2. Nice! Love that peach color. Please tell Will that David is very impressed that Will can ride his bike down the ramp!

  3. Now how did you know I was thinking about gators when I was looking at those photos. Whew. I was worried!

  4. little boys and lily pads mean frogs to me! I love the lily flowers in the waters.


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