Thursday, June 2, 2016

An Hour

I'm trying to teach Will he can play in my studio by me and not always with me so I can sew a few stitches!  He is very clingy and it is slow going. 
I put this fabric book together with a few minutes here and there this week. 
I really enjoy the pictures in this book since every page has sewing related items, obviously!
I managed to finish this while he napped today....after I woke up myself!
Grandpa, Will and Matthew swam tonight without me so I sat and watched some tv and knitted all by myself.  It was good for my whole body to have some off time.
We are working out a very good schedule, though.
I do like structure for kids so they know the drill and it is good for them to have something dependable!
I am learning to slow down and let him help;  he is learning that when Grandma says now, she kinda really means it, sweetly but firmly.
This week is better than last!


  1. I've never had the grands here for babysitting. I can't even imagine with all my toys and project clutter. It takes me days to get ready when they just come for a holiday dinner!


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