Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Come on our Golf Cart Ride!

Bill has cleared and maintains paths all through the different terrains of our yard.
One of the highlights for me is this tunnel of Live Oaks.
 If you look toward the back on the ground, a branch of the tree grows on the ground and then back up toward the light.  It makes a great bump for us to enjoy!
Next, we visit the blackberry patch and the Maple tree forest.
The blackberries are done but one of us continues to look for them,
just in case! 
Way back is the pine forest.  When you sit and hold still you hear all the birds busy in the trees.
The pine trees even sing when there is a breeze.
It's wonderful. 
We drive quietly and slowly by the Sandhill Cranes so we don't scare them.
They are back here to enjoy the shade and to hunt frogs in the pond. 
This is the pond where we count lily pads and throw dirt balls.
Heading back toward the house is the desert area;  this was all sand with no greenery until Bill worked his magic and spread wood chips and lime into the sand to help grasses grow so it wasn't a wasteland any more. 
We do leave several (5 right now) hillocks of wilderness for the gopher tortoises.
We check them every day to see if anyone is home!
We see fresh sand where the tortoise is kicking out the sand but rarely catch anyone home.
Today we saw this one in the act of digging afresh!
Quite exciting! 
Also in this middle ground, Bill hauls dead trees for cutting into burnable chunks and burn pile stock.
I love the way the stump looks on this tree!
I hope you enjoyed our little tour!


  1. it's like driving through your very own park:) wouldn't be possible here, we have only narrow paths and no space on either side to drive around! more like fighting through - a machete would come in handy in some spots:) must be an adventurer's paradise for your grandkids!

  2. I didn't get a ride through the live oak tunnel! I need a new tour ;)

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