Wednesday, June 15, 2016

Finishing and Lining Up !

The borders are sewn on, the binding cut and pressed....all in the pile to be quilted next!
I was quite thrilled to be able to find the exact sage fabric to finish the last row and a half of the quilt! 
I saw a cool tutorial on Missouri Star Quilts about using striped fabric for some cool blocks.
I cut all my 10" squares and then quarter cut them. 
Wait until you see what happens next! 
My newest lilies are bringing much beauty to the pool patio!
So far I have had orange, yellow and now this peach!
I love to see them out there!


  1. Daddio has that rainbow material in his stash. I can't wait to see what happens!

  2. It was very rotten of you to show us the striped fabric but make us wait for what happens next! :)

    So thrilled for you to have found your sage fabric. Phew.

    The lily is such a lovely color!

  3. i love the soft peach colors

  4. I have never seen a peach lily before. How lovely!


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