Tuesday, June 7, 2016

Hurricane Colin

It was a beautiful storm;  a bit of lightening and thunder, moderate winds and 5" of rain.
Just what we needed. 
There was so much rain gathering on the plants out front, the frogs all came to find a high and dry place on our sliding glass doors!  It drove the cats crazy.  We counted 14! 
On the inside, it didn't affect us so much.  We didn't lose power and the train still went choo-choo.
All was right with the world! 
The pool was right up to the brim!
We are draining it now so that is will be swimming worthy later on today!
And I was able to make two more flower dish cloths.  This makes 9!


  1. We didn't get much here either. Just a bit of rain and a little breeze. Dodged a bullet this time.

  2. My daughter in Jax lost power for 8 hours :( Love the frogs!

  3. Woo hoo! One down and hopefully no more to go!

  4. our good weather is coming to an end - put luckily we don't usually get hurricanes here! strong winds, yes - but nothing compared to a hurricane! we could do with some water though (typical gardener, always complaining:)... and I like the look of the bsj on the model in the entry before! my first has original sleeve length, but with woolly cardies I'd prefer longer arms (for winter here!). the one in cotton for summer will be ok without those - I hope:) bsj-itis they call the knitting illness that has befallen me (all your fault, it's infectious:)

  5. Makes me happy to read, "It was a beautiful storm". Cheers to chochoo being able to keep up his schedule ;) I love the photo of the frogs seeking higher ground!

  6. Those frogs are crazy. Glad you just got rain and no wind damage. Beautiful dish cloths. Love that the train still goes choo-choo. I still pull out the tracks for mine at age 7+8. Keeps them busy for a couple of hours.


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