Wednesday, June 29, 2016


After the socks, I decided to do an easy project.
Another Starflower dish cloth from KnitPicks.
It is good bike spectator knitting... 
Here is something that is new this year;  it planted itself.  It is a Crepe Myrtle plant on the left and a blueberry bush on the right.  We check the berries everyday and they are now getting blue and plump but not soft yet!  We haven't had a good display of the Crepe Myrtles and this year finally they are looking like they were worth keeping-they came close to being history several times! 
This bush is a favorite stop for our hummingbirds-it is as tall as me now and really too large for its spot but we won't move it until after it blooms.  
I just love the caladium! 
It's such a nice pop of color for greenery!
We hit 102F today just before the thunderstorm which is our most welcome summer pattern.
We enjoy the yard early in the day or later.
My brain doesn't like to bake!


  1. I love, love, love caladiums, but so do the slugs! ARGH!

    We had a tremendous thunder clap this afternoon. Scared me. Terrified the cat. He was on the porch and came running to the door with his ears down flat and his eyes all buggy! LET ME INNNNNNNNN!

    Then tonight we had lightning, but no rain. :-( We sure could use a couple more days of rain, but without all the excitement!

  2. Whoa....102? Yikes, that is hot. We're still very mild for summer. I can't complain. I love crepe myrtles. Our little town is full of them on the main roads. They are so beautiful in summer and they string the lights in them in winter right before they prune them.

  3. Beautiful! Throw some kind of mesh over the berries -- the birds know the instant they're ripe and will clean it all out before you even know they're there!


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