Saturday, June 11, 2016

One of Those Days, Weeks a Month

I have perfected the moisturizer I make.  It is a mixture of Green Tea, coconut oil, cocoa butter, safflower and beeswax.  Sometimes it separates and that bugs me.  This time-it is a perfect texture and I scented it with lemongrass essential oil so it is a delight to the nose, too!  I use this head to toe and it is a balm to my poor body.  
In minutes and snatches, I pulled some turquoise and lime green fabric for this month's RSC2016.
When I find a minute , I sew for a bit.  I set up his train set in the studio so he is enticed to play so I can make use of the 20 minutes. 
I did make the 9th block today so I have this month's quota finished! 
I also put the additional border on the tumbler quilt.  It looks done to me now! 
I ended up buying a completely different fabric for the border of the clamshell quilt and it looks like it is meant to be now.  It is very rich. 
Today, Bill and I pulled out the tons of African Iris' out of this plant area on the pool patio.
We planted some begonias and impatiens so that there would be color and a better scale.
The irises had done too well and it looked like a jungle instead of a flower bed! 
We scaled back the other area, also, and it makes the whole area more open.  I do like less when it comes to all of my space.  I do hate clutter.  Maybe its because life gets cluttered and I can't do anything about that but I can make my living area more simple!!!!
Nyki has the right idea;  just take a nap and think about it tomorrow....


  1. Those African Irises do well here too. We've ripped out every few years and given the extras away. LOL

    Nyki looks very comfortable taking a nap on the deck.

  2. Clutter is my middle name I am sad to say. Too many projects, too little storage space.
    Your quilts are amazing, as usual and as for that lotion....yummy! I am covered head to toe these days in one I made to scare away bugs. Not exactly glamorous but it does seem to help when I remember to put it on.

  3. I love how the right border just makes a quilt's piecing sing!

    Next time your irises get crazy, I'd love to snitch some for transplant to Georgia -- I had some at our house in Illinois and have missed them ever since. :)

  4. PS -- I "fell off the wagon" with using your lotion on my feet, and they have been a mess -- but after only a couple of days of using it at bedtime again, they are already much improved. Sometimes mothers know what they are talking about! ;)

  5. I'm wth the cat. But then that means my house goes to pot, so sometimes I have to adult and just do it. But I agree on clutter. For me right now it's the clutter of knick knacks in the house. I need to disperse some photos to other areas, photos of my daughters have taken over!!! LOL, but I do so enjoy seeing them at the stages of their lives. Blessing to you!

  6. I like the blues and turquoise of the "windmill" pattern - but the clamshells are absolutely gorgeous! and why do cats always look like deflated ballons, when they take a nap?:)

  7. Quilts are beautiful, and so is Nyki

  8. I love the quilts you are making!!! And I understand about clutter. Scott and I are clearing out items we don't need/use and it's a long term project. I am ready to have just those things I need in my life - things I actually use.


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