Sunday, June 19, 2016

Saturday's Serenity

Ah, the butterflies are all stitched down and their antennae are in place! 
I stitched some of the antennae by hand and some by machine.  They all work out just fine to add a touch of whimsy! 
I finished stitching the rainbow stripes
                                                      and even sewed them all together!
Then I loaded the hexagon quilt onto the frame so it is ready for me when I think up a good design! 
And on the needles is a pair of socks for Marsel out of a leftover sock skein.  She likes her socks short so I am able to squeeze out another pair from the skein.  It is KnitPicks' Stroll tonal yarn.

I had a great Saturday-how about you?


  1. Very nice projects. I hadn't noticed before that the butterflies were missing their antennaes.

    This was a weekend of house projects. Now that Stephen has moved, we are FINALLY painting his room. We also repaired the ceiling fan in our bedroom AND after 22 years I finally was able to get the paint splotch off our bathroom window.

    Stephen gave me a different kind of window cleaner and it did the trick!

    So................I'm physically tired, but in a good way. Lots of projects knocked off the list of to-dos today.

  2. the butterflies have turned out beautifully! and I love the hexagon quilt with the muted colours - the rainbow... is a bit strong for my taste:)

  3. I love the butterflies! Looks like a very productive day!

  4. Love all of those quilts but the stripes one is just so stunning! Love the optical illusion. Maybe bees on the hexagon quilt?!

    And finding a new pair of socks for me at the end of the post was icing on the cake. :)


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