Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Skipping Along

This is the 13th pair of socks this year! 
 I call this pattern the DNA traveling stitch.
KnitPicks Stroll Tonal
Size 2 needle
Only half of the skein is used which leaves enough for a pair of shorty socks!
These were knit while watching Will ride his bike and in the evenings before I crashed each day!
The lily opened up and he is the orange one!
So this year there were two yellow, two peachy/pink and so far one orange but as you see, more are coming! 
The Mandavilla is in full swing...these are so hard to photograph-they are bright red not pink!
The ground orchids are still blooming-it has been months and they are still so beautiful.
I love all the color in the pool area!
It is a feast for my eyes and my spirit. 
Nyki was helping me admire the  lilies!
In the studio, I finished the eighth Ohio Star block.
I am going way too fast on this quilt that I was going to do only so much each month to make it last but I keep wanting to do the next part! 
To put the brakes on the medallion quilt, I pulled out a modern print charm pack and cut it up to make windmills. 
Most of the prints had two so that I could make matching blocks.
Even the few that didn't match up exactly are fraternal enough to look good together.
Now I have a pile of these stacked near the sewing machine so I can whip off a block when I have a few minutes! 
After doing the Ohio Star blocks, these are a snap!
I will get 20 blocks from this charm pack which will be enough to make a lap quilt.
While Will loves this train, the Polar Express train, I am not such a fan.
The tracks do not fit properly and every other minute it would come apart and cause the train to derail.  Both Will and I were frustrated with it to put it mildly.
This morning, Bill used zip ties to anchor each track to its neighbor so they wouldn't separate any more!!!!  Will likes to get real close to the train as it rushes by-this is my view of his train-love!


  1. Sounds like Bill saved the day!!! Cute shot of Will with his train.

    I just got some of the ground orchid. Hopefully, very soon mine will look as beautiful as yours.

  2. I really like the windmill pattern! And of course Ohio star is my favorite :)

  3. My oldest Grand LOVES trains too. Their house is a mass of tracks and train tables. He's always asking me to fix the tracks which drives me crazy because I am not good at it and at 3 he is not very patient.
    Love those windmill blocks. I am going to have to go look that one up.

  4. Will and his trains! :) ...and Will's grandma with her lightning-speed textile-arts production line... ;)


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