Saturday, June 25, 2016


I sit and knit while Will rides his bike in the morning when it is cooler out...which is relative because it was 91F by 8 this morning!
But I finished this pair of socks for Marsel.
It has a mini cable running up the outside of each sock.
It is KnitPicks Stroll Tonal on #2 needles. 
I cast on another pair-this one for me in KnitPicks Stroll Tonal.
I cleaned out my sock drawer and picked a few colors to go with my winter pants.
This was one of the essentials.
I am knitting a cool  DNA-ish design up the side. 
We are starting to find the 'giant' grasshoppers on our plants.  These are 5' long and can devour a flowering plant overnight.  Not a welcome guest at all.  Will decided he wanted to keep one.
He is not fond of insects so this is the reason for his face-I asked him to hold the jar for a picture and he said, "No, Grandma, you hold it!
So I did! 
This is how you beat the heat!
A nice cool down after a long day.
(We hit 103F today with humidity almost that high!)


  1. Will and his facial expressions -- lol!

    Gotta love socks with a design on the outside edge... :)

  2. that face:) I have to admit that my son doesn't like the creepy-crawlies either. the only time he was really interested was when watching a frog in a glass jar! though the good side of a cooler climate is that the insects tend to be on the smaller size as well:) that grasshopper might be a nasty bug, but it does look very interesting! I envy you the handy pool - but not the temps that come with it!

  3. Oh, no....5 inch grasshoppers? I wouldn't hold it either. Sorry about the heatwave. It's still pretty mild here which I am sure won't last much longer.
    I admire anyone that can knit in that heat. My mojo has disappeared again but I have plenty of other things to do to stay busy.

  4. Wow! That heat is overwhelming! I don't think we've been quite that hot here. Last night was gorgeous for sitting outside. There was such a nice breeze. If I have a complaint, it would be that we could use a little rain.

    Oh how I hate those grasshoppers. They are all over the walking/biking trail that we use. :-( I agree with Will --- YUCKY!

  5. Oh boy that is a huge grasshopper! My Zach LOVED bugs. I had to learn to pick up daddy lon g legs with my fingers for him


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