Friday, June 17, 2016

Works Better Together!

One butterfly is pretty, a flock is even more stunning!
I will be doing the applique stitch on them tomorrow!  
Then I have to think about just the right sashing for them... 
The stripes turn into wonder blocks that have some superb settings for interplay!
These are bright and cheerful.
I find the stripes line up easily because of all the fussing done before the cutting-worth it because these go together like a breeze!  So satisfying! 
I put the 'learning curve' butterfly to good use as a side view one on a flower.
I don't think I will put it in the quilt but I wish I had saved it to use on the border area.
Oh, well.  I can cut out another one for that! 
I was out stargazing tonight because the space station was passing over.  I managed to catch this shot of the moon, the space station and the planet Mars!  
Looking up, we all need to spend more time in that position.....


  1. The rainbow blocks are stunning. And the space station picture is awesome!

  2. Your butterfly quilt has such pretty colors!

    That wonder block quilt reminds me of those "eye of god" string things.

  3. I love your butterfly quilt colours. They are beautiful fabrics :) Did you hand cut or die cut them? They look so even!

  4. Wow the quilts are beautiful! I love the night sky in Putnam county :)

  5. Oh, WOW! That's some amazing work there lady!!!

  6. So glad to meet another star gazer! When we are up north, where there is little light pollution, I am the one who announces the imminent passing of the ISS. I think it is so incredibly awesome.


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