Friday, March 24, 2017

Knitting Stash?

Every time I open this end table to look for a needle or magazine,
 I have this adorable helper to fill my space.
And I love it!
Little Lena is growing up!
I was given a very large garbage bag of balls of acrylic yarn.
I almost said no but then I thought it would make a good scrap afghan for a nursing home resident.
Here I go!
(I haven't crocheted in ages and now I have two projects in as many months!)


  1. She really is growing up to be a very pretty kitty!
    Your afghan plan is perfect. That's a very pretty pattern.

  2. Lena is beautiful! And your afghan will be lovely as well -- great idea.

  3. Love her curious little face!

    They do like to get "in" places, don't they. Giroux loves when I open the doors to the entertainment center. He wedges himself in next to the printer and takes a nap.

  4. Aww she's just darling.
    The blanket will bring cheer and joy to a resident. Very nice of you

  5. Lena reminds me of Rocky (similar colouring too!). He was the most social cat I've ever had. Always checking out whatever I was doing.

    That afghan will certainly brighten someone's day!

  6. I love the adorable little head-tip! The afghan is going to be pretty, and I'm sure it will fly out from under your magic hands!!

  7. That is such a wonderful thought to make a blanket for that purpose. You are wonderful.


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