Wednesday, March 8, 2017

Coming to Momma Hen

 Yesterday, Bill and I took a trip to Jacksonville airport-on the way we cross the Dames Point Bridge.
 I always check out the ships loading up in Mayport.
 We took the trip to pick up our Washington Cherries-the best kind!  (wife and Mama came, too, but she was taking pictures like me so neither one of us were in the pictures! lol)
 Tonight after dinner, we were surprised to see not one or two but a whole flock of turkeys at the birdfeeder behind the pool screening!  There was one king and many females in his harem!
We counted 18 in this flock!   It was so nice to have the whole gang visit again!
(By the end of the week-all four of my children will be here with their families!  Here me clucking them here ?!) 
I am making a little bit of progress on the new pair of socks on the needles-I found time to knit on the way to church while it was still light!
The sock yarn is from Wandering Cat Yarn and it is their superwash Merino/nylon blend in the I wanna be a Cowboy colorway!
I'm working on 2.50 mm needles over 64sts but is is a nice fit with the pattern Petty Harbor that has some rib stretch in it!  A nice knit and color!


  1. A family reunion...for you and the turkeys. Fun!

  2. I am so excited for YOU and your family time. The pool time looks amazing. I loved that colorway when you scored it from Val! It is great to see it knitting up

  3. Wow! That is quite a turkey harem! (I DO miss seeing the wildlife that we had in our yard in Orlando. Not much of that here in the city. LOL)

    Have fun with your family!!!

  4. I am so glad you had your family there to visit. It sounds like a wonderful week. I have wild turkeys that make an appearance every once n a while. THe most I have counted at one time is five.


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