Saturday, March 18, 2017

RSC2017 March

 I had a quiet day since my Washington Cherries went to the beach to see his brother.
I completed my blocks for March, the red ones, and am pleased with how it's going!
I timed myself for piecing one block (not counting the cutting process) and I require thirteen minutes  to complete it!  I have a good assembly line worked out!
Lena did a naughty-she ate through my yarn for this hat!  I knit for several rows not noticing my ball of yarn had fallen off my recliner and onto the floor....
Yes, she did it again!  Joins are so much fun!


  1. Uh oh......apparently your yarn was not only beautiful. It was TASTY!

  2. Your blocks look amazing together!

  3. Nice blocks! Are they all going together? I like that one different one in the middle of each row - very fun!

  4. Squares are looking good!

    Rocky was a yarn biter. Thankfully Peno and Rupert aren't interested!

  5. Oh, no!!! I had a scare last night when our very skittish male kitty got tangled in the yarn I am using for the Hap. Of course he ran away in terror as I chased him down the hall with the project trying not to break the yarn. By some miracle I managed to reel it all in with no damage. Joining lace would not have been fun.
    I love that star pattern so much!!! 13 minutes you say? It would be 13 hours for me!

  6. Ooops. Im so glad LEna doesn t actually eat the yarn. I'd be in a huff. I dont like yarn joins!

  7. Oh no! I hate joins. Your blocks are beautiful.

  8. I love your quilt layout so far...those center blocks -- and the different colors of the rows next to each other...and the interplay of all of the geometric lines -- have so much visual impact! So striking.

    I'm guessing Lena wasn't very sorry...

  9. Oh my your blocks are incredible!


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