Saturday, March 10, 2012

The Last Few Days

 Mom and I took an adventure the other day, we loaded the address in the Garmin for a quilt / fabric shop and away we drove!  Welll, the Garmin was true to its word and got us there but we got worried when we left the paved roads and went to sand roads in the middle of nowhere!!!
 And I do mean nowhere! 
 See the little sign in the front yard-we had arrived at our appointed destination.  They are still working on
converting this trailer into her shop (she lives across the street) but both Mom and I found what we were after so it was worth the drive!  We were pretty glad to get back to paved, familiar roads I will admit!
I finished my little cardigan in just a week!  It still needs its buttons but it is a pattern I will make again with a different colored yarn!  I think a nice light cotton/linen blend will work up just right!
 I have all the triangles sewn together and am working on adding the borders-a narrow one in plain dark brown and a wider one in chocolate batik.
 I bought some new yarn for an old pattern for Abigail-this will be a short sleeved version for her to wear to the wedding.
I have a smocking project in the works.........little dragonflies on checks fabric is from the little quilt shop in Siberia, Florida!!!


  1. Love the little cardigan--what pattern is that?? Sharon

  2. I still hadn't decided what I was going to do for Abigail for an extra layer...I should have known you would have it well in hand (literally and figuratively)! :)

    I will be there soon to see everything in person!!!

  3. Sandy and I have been on a couple of fiber runs like that - places in the boonies with delightful shops at the end of the gravel (or dirt) road.

  4. Can't say how many times I've been lost on little dirt roads in N. FL, lol! That's really neat that she is making a little shop out of the trailer. Not a bad idea.

  5. Discovering a new fiber/quilting shop is worth the drive, isn't it? I love your quilt top with the triangles and the colors that you're working with.

  6. My, you really do like deadlines, don't you? First you take on a cardigan for yourself and,as if that wasn't enough, you take on another for Abigail! Your cardigan looks nice, what I can make out on the screen of my laptop. I was very impressed with your vest for Marsel too.

    I'm still around; the family rewsearch has swallowed all my computer tikme but I ahve knitting, and sewing, and doing some crochet. Right now, WM and I are away for a long weekend to enjoy his Christmas present from me - an overnight stay at the Western Plains Zoo in Dubbo. A bit late, you might think, but it's still around 85*F out here so it would have been too warm to come in January or February!


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