Thursday, May 24, 2012

Getting by.......

Our neighbors very generously loaned us their Cadillac of wheelchairs for my recuperation~
Let me say , that the doctors should loan this out instead of crutches!
 The Thao shawl I was working on is history-I just didn't like several elements; I do not like garter stitch on shawls-it eats yarn and doesn't lay nicely,  I do not like having pattern stitches on the return row-I like to purl lickety split on the way home, and thirdly, I was running out of yarn!  Since I am doing a lot of knitting hours , I didn't think I needed to put up with a project I wasn't lovin' so I ripped it all out and started a new one.
 Bill is enjoying the fresh veggies from his garden and fixed these for dinner-sure does fill me with healing vitamins and minerals!
The new shawl is bringing me restfulness.........I removed the accent rows of garter stitch from this, too, and it is moving right along.  (Pattern is from KayMeadors called A Slice of Autumn/Spring)


  1. Man, you are a fussy knitter, ain't ya? (LOL)

    Glad you found a pattern you are happier with!

    Yay for generous neighbours.

  2. You have some great neighbors! I'm glad you are staying busy with projects you love!

  3. I loved the edge on the first shawl but I can definitely see your point on the rest. The joy of's reusable! :)

    The kids are very impressed with your new wheels!

    The beets look delicious.

  4. Wow, what a difference! I like the new shawl much better

  5. I love fresh beets and the greens!! And I loved your shawl colors. At least you can knit in that chair. Years ago, my brother-in-law bought a snow mobile-his wife said--maybe, if I could figure out a way to ride it and knit--I might like it!! Hope you have lots of yarn and books to keep you compnay. Sharon

  6. I seriously thought Bill would be using a hoveround before you. You should chase the cats with it, get them some exercise. Don't feel bad, your daughter tried to force me to use one in Walmart after a surgery. I refused and regretted it; take whatever help you can. I will come put your shelves together for you if you like.

  7. It looks like a slice of ripening watermelon - Mmmm Melon balls.

    It's so odd that it is only the end of May and I'm craving stuff that doesn't show up at the farmer's markets for another 6 weeks.

  8. I have always wanted to knit that one without the garter ridges. I just have too many new designs in the queue.


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