Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Where there is a will......

 ....there must be a way!  I found that I could prop my foot up on the other side of the sectional couch and then spin just one footed!  The wheel is so finely balanced that it didn't miss a beat!  I felt better after getting some spinning done!  (This is the Suffolk/Columbia cross roving I dyed .)
Well, this helps, too-a cold water massage from Dr Scholl!  (I put in both feet because my 'good' foot is sore from doing all the work lately!)


  1. Crack me up! Spinning with one foot! There is always a will and a way when one wants to spin or weave or knit or quilt or.............

  2. "Determined" doesn't begin to describe you...stubborn gets close, but doesn't sound quite as nice. :)

    Glad you're trying to keep sane, at least...

  3. sure have been one busy gal bad foot and all. Boy that must have hurt..poor you!! Sometimes an injury with nothing broken takes longer so be kind to yourself and try and relax!!
    What a great room you have to "create" it.
    Still no rain here..hope the weather is ok with you.

  4. Marsel has described you with adjectives that have also been used to describe me - persistent, determined, single-minded (stubborn, obstinate, pig-headed); no wonder we are friends! :-)

  5. I'd say you must be addicted, if you cannot even be without spinning, when you have a sore foot:) lucky crafters - still productive when not being able to walk!


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