Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Sewing Room Warmth

 I decided to stay inside and accomplish some sewing while it is a bit chilly outside today!
I used the pretzel m & m's for incentive to get the quilting finished.......
 I sewed a bunch of pockets to the inside so that I can carry all my tools more easily over to Mom's on sewing days.
 Voila!   Tote for my tools!  All supplies from the stash........just love that kind of project!
 I also made these nursing capes; one for Ashley.........
and one for Cassandra!  Also stash supplies.
I printed out enough photos to fill my new Grandma Gallery frame!  I have it right next to my knitting spot so I can enjoy a glimpse whenever I need one!
Closing out the night with a good knit on the double-knitting headband.  The chocolate at the end of every row is working good for me!  I am finally hitting my groove  on this project, I have even figured out how to correct a goof on the row below.  I am enjoying this!


  1. Ah, bribery! Oops, sorry, rewards! Work well don't they? LOL

    Love your photo gallery and the double knitting!

  2. You are such a clever person - and the rewards for doing well crack me up. I can't wait to see the finished headband.

  3. Those projects all turned out great!

    I love the Grandma Gallery...there is something very wonderful about filling five spots with grandchild-pictures!!! <3

  4. Pretzel M&M's are my favorite! I love the colors you're using in the headband

  5. do you get one m&m for each row?:) or each stitch, ha....
    and for the quilt you doodled around the little balls? interesting, what having a "cold spell" is making you do:)


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