Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Babies and Stitches

 We had a nice weekend with a visit from Caleb, Cassandra and Ella.  Great Grandpa got to walk and show her the world-she looks like she was more interested in him than the scenery!
Great Grandma exercised her rocking skills when needed!
 I did a bit of knitting and finished the lacey socks!
 For the last few days, I have been staying with Ashley and Will while Matthew has an out of town trip for work-the pic is blurry because he was rocking when I tried to take the pic!  He likes motion, all the time!  We took a long walk and he slept through most of that, too!
I have a new yarn purchase-can you see the new entrelac blanket for Aria?!  I can.


  1. How lucky for great-grandparents to get the chance to be with great-grandchildren. I am sure thay are enjoying every minute of it.

  2. So glad you got together-time!

    That new yarn is yummy -- hot candy colors!

  3. Ooo, lots of cuddle times.

    Lovely yarn and yes, I see the entrelac blanket!

  4. hope someone checked Gr. Grandma O's knitting bag for a baby when she left--LOL Sharon

  5. it must be nice for the kids to not only have grandparents, but even great grandparents! and yes, I can see the blanket - lovely girl colours!
    enjoy the time with the new baby, so precious!


  6. Such sweet babies! Ella was just like Will (and I feel for Matt & Ashley) she always wanted to be moving. We used to bounce with her on the giant exercise ball for a.very.long.time!


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