Thursday, March 27, 2014

Indigo Dyeing!

 I have had all the supplies for an Indigo dyeing day for a long time but we finally mixed up a pot and set to work!  (I used the kit from KnitPicks-very easy if you want to try it, too!)
 We set all our fiber and yarn to soak-and labeled them so we would know what we had when we were done!
 Into the pot, it turns a lovely yellowish green-
 but within seconds of removing it-the indigo reacts with the oxygen in the air and turns the beautiful blue color of our blue jeans!
 We enjoyed out dyeing day!  Being a mad scientist brought out all the inner kid!
We dyed sock yarn, shawl yarn, worsted weight yarn then Cormo and Dor Galen roving!

 While we were working at the dyepot, the men had their own project going on!
 They emptied the portable garage of its contents and stacked what they were keeping in the new shed.
 Then Bill lifted up the whole unit and we helped him guide it to its new home!

 Sissy thought we were very noisy and disturbed her nap!
 We transported the garage several hundred feet to its new landing only to discover...
 we set it up wrong side out!   After a good laugh, Bill backed it up, turned it around and we backed it in again!
Ta-da!  This portable garage was bought when we first moved here 7 years ago and it held all the overflow items we didn't have room for or want at the has held up well for all this time!
It is now going to house the tractor and zero turn mower way over by the new shed!  Since Mom and Dad will be heading home in a few days, this was our last big projects day and we made the most of it!


  1. The picture of Sissy! ROFLOL!!! Dyeing is fun...definitely want to try indigo

  2. The indigo-dyeing produces gorgeous results -- I love those intense blues. I also love the feline input on this post -- Nyki overseeing your work and Sissy making her opinion quite clear!

    So exciting to see the shed done and the PG moved!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. I love that you took your garage for a ride! the dying turned out beautifully. I love dying with indigo and have always wound up pulling clothes off my body to run them through the vat.

    The kitties are wonderful. When they get their ears on backwards, you know they have HAD it!

  4. A very productive day for everyone!


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