Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Ravine Gardens Day Trip

 When we woke up a a drier day today, we decided to take a hike to Ravine Gardens in Palatka.
Caleb was last there when he was Ella's age!!!  We had a wonderful time hiking the trails, going over the many suspension bridges...
 It was beautiful!  The trails were high, low and in between!  Several trails are even paved roads for cars to drive through!
 The Azaleas were still out!  Ella admired these from her Dad's shoulders!
 Mom and Dad were troopers over the miles of steps and rooted paths!  (It's a good thing they are still active walkers because we covered several miles today!)
 There were lots of cypress trees just beginning to get their needles again-see the knees?!
 Ella didn't like the running water too much!  lol
 She liked this a little better in her Daddy's arms....good thing she can't read!
 Just across this pond there were more Cypress trees...and knees.
 She ran across the little foot bridge to be reunited with her Mom!
 Posing with the G's!
 A group shot early in the hike when we were not panting from exertion!
 A mighty cedar!
 A better view of one of the suspension bridges!
 Now this stairway would have been a great photo for the challenge last month!
 There were still lots of flowers in bloom, even after the 2 1/2" of rain last night!
There was a new playground added since the last time we hiked here-Ella liked to explore here!
There was lots of texture in the trees that I enjoyed.....the twisting of this cedar trunk-
 the roots of this tree that I didn't recognize.
 The underside of a palmetto leaf.
 Fungi at the base of a pine.
 The paved road was a welcome respite from the steps trail!
 There were lots of recycled bricks along the hillsides to slow erosion-it was very pretty.
 The pine trees are putting out pollen-we were grateful for the rain washing most of it away!
 Another brick slope.
 The Azaleas were everywhere-this clump is about 8' high!
 This area is tiered with natural limestone-a fun place to explore!
 Another view of the limestone and stairs in the garden.
 This is the main plaza-a huge area for weddings and festivals.

At the end of our hike, we had to say goodbye until next time!


  1. Looks like everyone had a good time -- most of the time! It's not every little girl who gets to go on a hike with two of her great-grandparents!

    That's a lovely photo of you with Ella.

  2. What a spectacular place-and so beautifully photographed!

  3. What glorious photos of God's glorious creations. You find awe in the same things I do.

  4. that's a lovely park - I am sure the Ella had a good time looking at all those exciting things! the best thing about those trips is seeing the kids' reactions to everything:)

  5. Oh wow, this place is really pretty! Definitely going there when we come up again. P.S. Jerry's going to Crescent City on Sunday to look at a house :)

  6. Look at all that green and flowers! It is so pretty there.

    Did you look for more sea glass while you were there?

  7. How did I miss commenting on this post?!

    Looks like you had a lovely day. Ella is just the cutest thing. I think we are overdue for a visit there...it's only been 25 or 30 years since I've visited there...!


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