Monday, March 17, 2014

Wrapping up the Weekend

 I can't believe I finished the second sock, but I did!   It helps to have it be for a little girl with Minota-sized feet!
 Ella enjoyed the rewards of a good meal-she is suspicious of everything you put on her tray...
 it didn't take long to agree it was pretty good!
 We took a walk out back-well, I carried her most of the way so I did the walking but she did like the grass out back by the pond!
 She liked the little purple wild flowers!
 Our Maple trees are in full leaf is really greening up with all the rain and warmer temperatures.  Finally.
 Nyki sat vigil by the Gopher turtle hole.......
Ella plays hard and then sleeps the same way.....just not for too long!  She was so excited to see her parents today!!!!   It was a great time together while it lasted!


  1. So sweet to share time with grandchildren -- even though they are exhausting!


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