Sunday, April 20, 2014

Weekend Joys

 How's this for a convention?!  One of their number had stolen the carcass and dropped it in our driveway where the rest of the flock decided to fight for it!   It was an interesting to watch..until they decided to hang out after they had eaten it all and then scoured the front yard which bothered the cats.  I didn't get bothered until they decided to hang out on the roof-boy were they noisy!  I went out and clapped my hands and shouted until they all left!
 Look who came for the weekend!  I got to try the new sock on his little foot!
 Ashley and I got some quilting time in.  She needed some refreshing on the math and then she really took off!  We had a great time running to the sewing room when we had a spare minute!  She even did some early morning sewing when Will woke up on her early morning duty day!  I was very proud of her accomplishments!
 Will played around us very nicely, it was very encouraging to have him be able to entertain himself!  I encouraged Ashley to make a cut pile on one sewing time-even in 10 mins you can cut a lot!  Then next time she had a few minutes she could piece a block-soon the blocks would be this time of her life, she is not going to be able to sit for hours but the habits I learned early to make even a few minutes count, it gets the job done!  Less Pinterest for inspiration and more cutting and piecing will get the job done!
 Saturday Morning, Matthew and I went out by the pool area to let Will blow off some energy!
He is definitely a morning person!  We enjoyed the beauty of the irises!
 Such perfection in symmetry!
 The orchids are beginning to wane but still add their color and beauty to the patio.
 See what I mean?
The ground orchid is in bloom and it is nice to see both orchids shining-I think I am going to add a whole bunch more to this area-I enjoy them all so much!
 While I was enjoying the fauna, Matthew ran a mile chasing this speedster!
 He ran all around for more than an hour!
 He did stop for a pit stop at the fountain to splash for a few seconds!
 Then he was off again!
 Just outside the pool area behind the garage, we are trying to get another garden planted.  This is one of the Hollyhocks I started-it is just over 4' now and blooming-I am so proud!

 There is no aroma but plenty of color which is what I enjoy the most!

 In the afternoon, Matthew braved the cool pool temperature and took a swim!  The rest of us just watched!  (We have had a whole week of cool temperatures and cooler night ones;  I am missing the warmth of the average Spring!)
 After Sunday church and dinner, and Will's nap (mine, too!)  we took Will outside for an egg hunt.
 It didn't take long for him to figure out the purpose of the game and best of all, to find the candy in each egg!
 I couldn't keep up with him, he darted from one colored egg to the next!
 He didn't want to be slow down and put any egg in the basket-he just dropped them after emptying them and ran to the next one!
 He did get sidetracked with the little hill in the yard-grunting and groaning all the way up so that he could-
 run back down-again and again!
 He couldn't quite reach the one in the bin so he climbed in and
 ate it right there!  It is fun to look at life from his point of view!
Yes, he had a great time and so did we!
(The weekend had some hard parts for me;  I cannot lift and that includes this grandson.  I usually carry him a lot-we both enjoy it.  When he falls , I pick him up for a snuggle-I had to get creative for that snuggle--I sat on the floor for hugs, knelt for quick comforts and shared standing up hugs while one of his parents held him for me!  I did miss our morning alone time but I can't watch him alone because I can't 'up' him.  Now on the flip-side of this, I learned how to receive tons of help from my daughter-in-law, she really picked up the slack by rushing here and there taking care of things.  The whole weekend was a huge encouragement to me-thank you !


  1. It is a hard gear-shift for you, I know, but after all of the tending to us you have done, it is nice for us to have a turn caring for you!

    Looks like a wonderful weekend!

  2. I'll bet there was some sound sleeping that night.

  3. He is such a cute baby! Adjusting to our "new situations" is rough, I know. We need to keep fighting!

  4. I'd say some little guy fell asleep easily that day:) but it's nice for a kid to be able to run around like that and play in safety! and I think for him the main thing is that granny is there with him, even though it's hard for you not to be able to do all the things you used to do! don't give up (ach, I know you won't...)!

  5. so fun to see the Egg hunt and the pool runner .
    Sounds like a great Easter

  6. Sounds like you had a great Easter. Your grandson is so cute and busy! I suppose that's why young people have the children. They can run after them.

  7. I well remember Older Grandson's first egg hunt -- but we used chocolate eggs. It was the first time he'd tried chocolate and loved it. Younger Grandson took a little bit of convincing when his time came but now loves chocolate as much, or more, than OG!

    Your last paragraph is very special -- yay, for a family that works it out together!


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