Friday, May 26, 2023


The tall tiger lilies are beginning to bloom! 
 I am waiting for the orange ones to open up!
The orange drawf Calla lily is blooming, too! 
 It does love the rain and sunshine combination that is what our weather is for the next several months!
The Heliopsis is blooming now with lots of buds promising of future flowers!  This one came from a root from my Dad's many stalks!  I have it growing in a tomato cage to support it!
The Thunbergia vines are full of flowers-they look similar to a pansy with the yellow centers.
But if you see them from the side view, you can see that it is more like a petunia than a pansy!  
The Hibiscus are giving large beauties every day-
-what a joyful plant!
I didn't feel like doing the binding on the QOV quilt so
 I loaded up this top and quilted it 
and then made the binding for this one, too.
So, today will be binding day! 
 I do still have another quilt top to load, too, though!


  1. Beautiful flowers - such a lovely variety!

  2. That hibiscus is gorgeous! You have such beautiful flowers there. They seem very exotic to this midwest and northwest girl. :-) Loving the quilt. I don't know how you put them together so quickly.
    Blessings and hugs,

  3. You and Val have the beautiful blooms in your yards and gardens. I love seeing them!

  4. Lovely blooms!
    Sewing down binding is a good excuse for finding a good movie to watch.

  5. Beautiful flowers! I just bought myself another hibiscus... it will probably die when I bring it in for the winter, like all the others... but I'll keep trying!

  6. Beautiful flowers, quilts, and the bowl is gorgeous! And how sweet that you are able to supply comfort to little ones.


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