Friday, May 19, 2023


There has been a trend this week-of breaking equipment!  The on/off switch on the quilting machine stopped working-I had to order replacements for the front and back handles. They are supposed to arrive today-if it comes early enough, I hope Bill will be willing to help me install them!
The rock tumbler has died--I have ordered a replacement for this which will be here Monday--I have the 2 barrels of WA rocks that are not finished yet!
And  woke up to naughty footprints all over the newly loaded quilt!  It's a good thing I hadn't started any quilting yet!
Outside, things were progressing much better!  
I worked hard and after an hour or so, 
 all of the new flowers were planted!
I even planted this passionfruit from a friend--this is the fruit!
It is set at the base of the freshly painted trellis arch--the new plant is 5' high!  I can't wait for it to perk up and begin to climb! 

After a swim to cool off--it was 96* outside today--I sewed the borders to the last top.

I wanted to start a new project so I pawed through the Shop Hop haul and found these fat quarters!
I am playing around with some Churn Dash blocks I cut out on the Accuquilt!


  1. That title explains me! LOL. Sorry you have mechanical problems, but you are set for success with 2 handy people in your house.

  2. The new project is going to be beautiful but I really like the one on the frame too. Someone just got curious as to what Mom was up to with it. Sorry about all of the mechanical failures. It never seems to be one thing at a time does it? Your gardening is looking great. I don't know how you get it all done. I've collapsed in exhaustion after this last move in the heat and humidity of last week. This week is much, much cooler but strangely, we have tons of smoke from the Canadian fires. Very unusual for Nebraska. I feel like I'm back in Spokane with the smoke. It's a very cool morning out but we have the AC on because it's so hard to breathe outside.
    Wishing you a wonderful Friday my friend. :-)
    Blessings and hugs,

  3. 96?!!! Wow....that's hot. It feels like March here right now and I love it.
    We've got the same gremlins breaking things around here too and having The Mister out of commission makes it all much harder to get anything fixed.
    Those new quilt blocks are darling. I love a classic block updated with modern fabric. It's going to be a beauty.

  4. The broken things are frustrating, but at least you have a lovely garden to refresh in! (and then a pool to refresh from that!!!)

  5. Holy cow! You had a day. Hope everything gets fixed up right quick.

    The red/white/blue quilt top is stunning.


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