Thursday, May 11, 2023


The red Rain Lilies are starting to bloom!  They are very pretty and have a bit more sweet aroma thant he white striped ones.  We've had several T-storms which is what brings them out!

I took a visit to these guys--they were so funny playing on the trampoline!  I would call out positions and steps and they 'interpretted' my instructions!  
They were hysterical and enjoyed working together to add to the nonsense!  I was impressed with their athleticism!!
In the studio, I have only rearranged the blocks.  I think I am using this set up. maybe! lol
And today I had my sewing student comee and she made a pair of pj's!!!  She amazed herself and is looking forward to making some for her Mom, too!  (Mom asked for anonymity for her so I cropped her face out of the pic!)


  1. I love how your blocks are turning out...I took a close look to see how they were arranged. How neat to have such an excited student who did so well with the sewing...she must have had a good teacher, :D. Happy Stitching from me!

  2. Cute PJs! I spend all day in mine so I really appreciate a nice pair.

  3. Looks like your student did a very good job. It is sweet that she wants to make a pair for her Mom.

  4. Your student is progressing very well. I think she’s hooked on sewing.

  5. Your sewing student is lucky to have you as a teacher! Looks like she's doing well under your instruction, too.


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