Wednesday, July 8, 2015

TDF Day Five--And Sewing Room Fun

I cut out the pieces for the star blocks for this month-red!   
I saw this pattern on a recent Purl Bee email;  I knew I had some fabric in the stash that wanted to be a summer-time top for two little grand daughters!  It was a very easy pattern to follow.  I did like the 1/2" elastic (the one on the left) for the chest instead of the recommended 3/8" size.  Easy to make the change! 
I also made my plan for working the connecting blocks for the rainbow scrap blocks.
It takes  bit of planning to use the colors from the neighboring blocks-of course, I picked a spot where I didn't have a neighboring block yet but I worked it out! 
I'm also making progress on the dress for Marsel. 
I finished the second little rainbow skein;  this one has a bit more yardage but they are a nice little pair of superwash yarn! 
Isn't this a nice treat for the eyes?!


  1. They must have more than 24 hours in a day down in Florida! Daughter in Law went to the hospital tonight so I am on babysitting duty until they get home with the new one. No Tour for me for a while. :(
    The new little guy will make up for the interruption I'm sure. Now to figure out how to get the 2 year old to bed. It's 11:30 and he's still up playing with trains. I guess it's time to be the bad old grandma or we will both be a mess in the morning.

  2. Gorgeous yarn! You've been very productive!

  3. The fabric for those little summer tops is beautiful! Love the quilt blocks too

  4. Looks like you are just about back to full tilt again -- production-wise, at least!

    That is a fun conglomeration of stuff for show-and-tell. :)

  5. Love your rainbow yarn and your quilt is coming along !

  6. Wow beautiful sewing! Those little girl summer tops are too sweet. I love the colors in the quilt blocks and the dress and the new yarn! So happy and beautiful.


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