Thursday, July 30, 2015

Hail, Hail...

We've been doing lots of yard work, even in this heat.  I don't last too long but the house is cool so I come in toget, well, cool and then head back out!  Bill is working on painting all the eclectic collection of lawn chairs by the fire pit.  He has the bench painted, too, but it wasn't dry enough to move here. 
 I sewed four pillows for the wicker furniture and we found 2 little end tables which is on the queue for painting, too.  (I try to keep Bill busy!)
I had enough of the seat cushion fabric left to pipe the pillows! 
And Bill found seven hanging plants on sale at WalMart for only $2.59 each! 
He grabbed them!  The front porch is looking fine now! 
The gang's half here!  Everyone came because we have a big family adventure tomorrow! 
Ella is getting ready for her big..... 
Even Eli liked the water........if he could only get his hands on it. 
Once he hit the water he never stopped splashing....never!  He was a flailing machine!
Will just swims and swims  and twirls and laughs.  It was a great evening! 
On to the big adventure tomorrow!


  1. What a gorgeous home you have! I really envy you your pool. Since I was always home all summer in this miserable heat, I lobbied hard for one-even a tiny one but we are on a hill and in the shade so it's a no go. We did have a fire pit but The Mister turned it into a sand trap. Men.

  2. Everything looks great! The baby looks so cute sitting in the raft with his binky in his mouth lol!

  3. Excited for you and your exciting outing today!

    All of the furniture looks so good! The wicker is just how the table looks now. All you need is for a good rainstorm to come through because your porch would be the perfect place to enjoy it!

  4. How fun!!! Happy Day to the little one. The outside will be so inviting you will want to be out there always.

  5. You've got WATER-BABIES galore! Too cute!

  6. Look at your beautiful home and it's full of your care and work and happy family people! Very cute. I love the seat cushions that fabric is lovely, and the pillows to match. Your furniture already looks good to me, but I see you have a cohesive vision, very well, carry on with your Bill Husband labor. hehe. I love that shot of the porch looking at an angle down to the left! Look! I see another ceiling fan :) Do you get to knit outside there? It looks "de-lightful" see what I did there? ha!


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