Friday, June 24, 2016


I bought this kit from Craftsy.  I was a bit cautious because some of the knit kits I ordered from them were duds.
This one is a hit.
The fabric is top quality.
The class that goes with the pattern is in video class format so you can see the whole plan and know what you are aiming for.
I was going to wait to begin this in July because it is a six month class (It ran from January to June which is why I was able to buy it at a discounted price.)  
July will begin with the TDF and I am just ready to jump in with this now!
I cut out fabric for a section and leave it by my machine so when I have 10 minutes, I put a few blocks together.
It has been a great start and I am looking forward to making my first
Medallion quilt!


  1. That's a pretty quilt. Is a medallion quilt one that has a central design with borders around the outside?

  2. I'm looking forward to following you

  3. Oh, just had to go and show me that. You know I love Craftsy and quilting. I am going to have to go check that out for sure because that quilt is gorgeous!
    Sorry about getting so bombastic on the blog the other day. It has been a very emotional week and I do get carried away sometimes. I need to go sit in a corner and do something quiet for a while.

  4. Love the little flare detail on the right side.


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