Thursday, August 4, 2016


Mom had bought a kit to make these plastic canvas card holders and saved them to work on while I am here.  We managed to finish both our halves and stitch them together and they work!
(I won't mention that I got mine done before her!)
We have several more to make but this was all we could get done before we had to start this other project!
We cut out enough squares for the front and back of a lap sized rag quilt.
We are doing the back squares all in the dark green and all the lighter colored ones for the front where all the ragged edges will fringe.
We sewed two blocks together and left notes on the pile of squares so Mom can work on it after I go-she likes projects to do but gets bogged down on the 'where do I begin' steps!
I am a great enabler!
We managed to collect all the goods for this from her stash!


  1. Where did Gram get those kits? That would be awesome for Abigail during card games, so I would like to be a copycat!!

    Glad you guys are already squeezing in projects. :)

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  3. Darling card holders . Little hands, and arthritic hands both benefit from them

  4. Reminds me of quilting with Daddio. I would get things started and then leave him homework. I really miss those days.


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