Saturday, August 27, 2016

Never Too Old to Learn a New Trick

I am loving the quilting on this modern style quilt.  It is my first one to do like this.  It's working out pleasurably, yippee! 
Today I went to a watercolor class.  Understand, I learn something new by myself not in a class setting.  It has been a long time since I took a class but it was so inspiring.
This picture is only half done...I had to wait for the basket and the left side to dry before I could add more detail;  it is homework because I am going again next month! 
This one was done with a different technique and I had to is so intimidating to put pencil to that big blank paper!!!!
I learned to be its friend!
I know I am a rookie, but I sure did love what I learned and can't wait for next month's lesson! 
On the home front, Bill and I have been working on the front gardens.
They so easily get overgrown so we thinned and defined and got it ready for adding mulch. 
The sun really bakes this front garden so the mulch helps to keep the roots moist and not parched when it is bare like this. 
We trimmed down the prickly pear cactus, too, and it is much more manageable now.
The mulch can't come soon enough! 
Friday, we visited Daytona Beach for our run to Sam's and to JoAnn's for restocking and then we reward ourselves with the NY style pizza from Saldo's Pizza in Ormond Beach on the way home.
They have the largest slices I have ever seen!   
We had a little rain and a beautiful rainbow over our house then we got is a wonderful reminder of God's love!


  1. Your flowers are beautiful. You'll have to remember to show us when it is all done! Won't that be nice to hang up for fall with all those orange colors.

  2. Wow...there were lots of good things in this post but I can only think of that PIZZA! Yum.
    The watercolor looks like lots of fun. I've always wanted to learn that. My mom took some classes once and got pretty good. I didn't realize it until I packed up her house and found her portfolio.

  3. There's a feast for all of the senses in this post. :)

  4. Watercolours are one of my favourite mediums.

  5. You rainbow is lovely. I cannot get over your learning art. I never thought you could learn to do it. I thought people just knew!? I admire artists of all kinds I really do! You are Blessed with busy hands that create lovliness around you!

  6. Good job on the watercolors! Don't you just loving something new? With your color sense in the fabric, quilting, dyeing and knitting areas, you should be good at making the art pop.


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