Monday, August 8, 2016

Essence of Family

I am enjoying the leisure of this visit;  sitting and talking, telling stories, having my nieces pop in between their comings and goings, my sister and husband coming for card games and laughing together.   Lots of laughing and just being in the same space with gladness.
 This is Layla;  another kind of family member!  She backs up to the couch and then sits down like anyone else!  It is too funny.  Watch out for her tail-it is like a whip;  ask me how I know! 
We shared a big family meal with lots of fresh produce;  salt potatoes, corn on the cob and green was a feast! 
I have been busy knitting;  it is just an under the radar project for a designer.
I completed the pair and have just these few threads to tame to call them done! 
There are enough ends to stuff a little pin cushion! 
Nice to have these completed and off the needles.
I have the yarn all ready to start the next pair!
There's nothing like sock knitting, is there?!


  1. Well, you KNOW how much I love sock knitting.

    Your pup is adorable. Our friend's dog has one of those lethal tails. LOL Actually, Giroux can give you a good whack too. Fortunately, his tail is MOSTLY fuzz.

  2. Love the heart-full feeling of a visit to NY! Love on Layla's silky ears for me. :)

  3. That dog is hilarious!! What are salt potatoes? And, yes, that's a lot of ends to weave it, but it sure is worth it!! :)

  4. Family time is the BEST. So glad you are enjoying the visitors .
    THat is some sock! intricate!!

  5. Family and sock knitting. Life doesn't get much better! Would love to see the socks in color because they look amazing!


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