Saturday, August 20, 2016

Saturday Socializing

Ok, so this sock yarn blocks thing is very, ummmm, well compelling.
You know, a just one more kind of knitting! 
Yesterday, Millie and I finished out our Florida Shop Hop adventure.
We had a great tour of five different shops throughout the Jacksonville area.
It was a wonderful shopping trip!
When I got home I did a bit of sewing-I have wanted to replace my ironing pad because it is softer than I like for pressing my quilt blocks.
Bill cut some cement board for me and then I covered it with cotton batting and then some canvas.
I serged the edges with a decorative thread. 
There is a piece of freezer paper ironed onto the new board so that when I work with fusible web, it won't stick on the ironing surface.  It works great to press with the harder surface! 
Today, we had a boat ride with Matthew and family!
Ethan loved 'driving' the boat!
(He wasn't so thrilled about the life jacket!) 
Will just wanted to go very, very fast!
He liked seeing all the birds, trees and going under a bridge!
We had a nice time making our own breeze because the temps today topped 100* and it was steamy humid!
We cooled off when we got home with an ice cream and then a dip in the pool!
It was a wonderful day!


  1. Those blankie squares are positively addictive!!! LOL

    Do I see a flamingo in that pack of fabrics??? I think I DO!

  2. That's funny, the flamingo fabric jumped right out at me, too! :)

    Those nephews of mine are just too adorable! <3

  3. I have got bags and bags of leftover balls of sock yarn. You guys with these squares are making me twitch. I don't need another project but that does look like fun....

  4. Just a day great day for ice cream. I indulged last vanilla with chocolate chips and mint chip. I dont even want to know the points.

  5. I know what that feels like - I am the same with the hexiepuff knitting! just one more....and half the day is gone:) if I leave the bag close to my knitting place, I won't get anything else done, because that stuff is addictive! and I still have to wait for a proper sewing place, the "studio" is still full of firewood, grrrh....:(

  6. Another knitter sacrificed to the Cozy Memories sock yarn blanket. So far, I am resisting. :)


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