Friday, August 19, 2016

Sock from a my Blank

I finished the sock blank yarn I dyed last month!
It was so interesting to be surprised to see what the colors did;  this could get very addictive! 
 Who would guess that this sock blank would give you the above sock! 
The legs varied a bit from one sock to the other;  they sort of spiralled which was a surprise but I just went with it to see what would happen.  Nice to be an adventurer with yarn! 
AND I have entered the sock yarn blanket craze.  The idea is to use all the leftover yarn to make these squares attaching one to the next until you have a blanket size!
(Thanks  to Dee for finally pushing me over the edge!)
I have enough partial balls that are too pretty to toss (though I did do that with a ton last year!)
which I could use for this blanket!


  1. Ohhhh My goodness they came out amazing. I would NEver have guessed the striping . LOVE LOVE LOVE blues

  2. From the beginning of my sock knitting, I have saved the leftover balls of yarn. I have been knitting them up into squares and if I run short, I use some black sock yarn on the outside edge to bring it up to size. It is going to be huge and will vaguely resemble one of those old crocheted granny square afghans.

  3. You're welcome! (I am having SO much fun with mine!)

    The socks you knit up are really neat looking. No, you wouldn't suspect that pattern by looking at the sock blank.


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